Personal & Business Coaching

At any point in life, we can come to a place where we will have to evaluate, shift, accept, or change aspects of our life that may be demanding and even quite overwhelming to our well being. If we have never faced a particular personal or business challenge before, it can be hard to know what tools are needed to get ourselves back on the right path and more importantly strive to go beyond our expectations and grow from the experience.

Labyrinth Coaching & Training provides coaching, consulting and development services that assist individuals on both personal and professional levels and empowers organizations to master the challenges that face them.

Joann has coached others through

  • Change management
  • Loss and grieving
  • Couples Therapy
  • Personal relationship issues
  • Dispute mediation
  • Practical business coaching on how to grow and market your business to success.
  • Sales and management coaching

Joann has worked in the training and development field for over seven years assisting business owners achieve personal and professional success. Her specialty is training on topics of sales and sales management, operations management and PR.

Joann has written a book and does speaking engagements about grief and the grieving process, sharing with others how she has overcome the obstacles presented to her with true life experiences to inspire individuals growth. Joann is well-rounded in all areas of personal and professional coaching and can assist you in achieving results!

Joann's personal account of losing 5 family members in a 2 1/2 year period beginning at the age of 26 which included her mother, father, sister to AIDS, grandmother and aunt. At the age of 34 she lost her last remaining relative, her brother to cancer. Joann tells her story and shares the tools and techniques to get through grief.

Also on 7/26/2001 at the age of 35, Joann was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Dermato Fibro Sarcoma. With a successful surgery, gratefully she is now cancer free. She is inspired now more than ever to lead a positive, inspiring life.

Contact: Joann Choate, 214-498-5168

Keynote Speaker

Joann can impact your company or group by sharing her personal story and the tools that helped her to develop a positive attitude in the face of her adversities. Joann is an enthusiastic and energetic speaker who is eager to share her experiences and positive nature while engaging the audience.